14 Strategies to Increase Twitter Engagement in 2021

Twitter is by far one of the most used social platforms. It is always advancing its services and digital marketers simply love it.

There are a lot of things to take good care of on Twitter, like the image sizes and dimensions, the right time to post, etc.

Twitter is used by over 300 million people and will be a very important platform for digital marketers – for a very long time.

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Here’s a list of 14 Strategies to Increase Twitter Engagement in 2021:

  1. Find your best time to post

Finding the best time to post is important for your online experience. YOu know your audience very well and knowing when to post is the pot of gold.

There are some hours of the day when Twitter users are more active and engage with different tweets. Discovering the peak hours your audience is online will help you reach more potential customers.

To do so, you need to know when your audience is online the most. Tools like Publer will help you create a better idea of when you should tweet or not. Try different hours of the day and check the content you’ve used very carefully.

  1. Use quality content only

We’ve mentioned quality content many times in our articles as it’s important to share relevant and grammatically correct texts.

People don’t like typos – especially when they’re reading a tweet made of up to 280 characters only. This isn’t the way you want to use the little space, right?

  1. Retweet what your audience loves most

You already know how pinned tweets get a lot of engagement from your current audience and new followers. It’s always smart to retweet the posts the audience has engaged most with.

Every time you retweet a post – it gets more engagement. That’s what’s called recycling and your content never dies. Giving value to your content continuously is easy, quick, and positive.

  1. Share fleets

We’ve already welcomed Fleets on Twitter – the 24-hour disappearing tweets that people are currently loving. They’re only available on mobile, at the moment – and that’s fine because Twitter users love using the platform on their smartphones.

Fleets allow you to share tweets and add colored text, only. But, they’re advancing them and we might soon be able to add stickers, reply, or even purchase products.

  1. Use threads

Threads are expanded thoughts on Twitter. As you might already know, Twitter only allows up to 280 characters per tweet, and being so, it’s very difficult to express everything.

This is why Twitter allows everyone to share more than one tweet – connected to each other. On Twitter, you can only create up to 2 tweets at the same time, while if you want to add other tweets, you need to post those 2 first.

With Publer, you can schedule up to 15 tweets at the same time. It’s amazing how you can write more, add as many hashtags you need (even generate some trending ones), specify the time you want each tweet to be shared, etc. – all within one dashboard.

  1. Video content, video content, video content
  2. Use UGC

User-Generated Content is very important on Twitter. It helps reach a lot of people by letting them know that you really appreciate the time someone spent to share thoughts on your product.

A brand should always be aware of who mentions their product/s as feedback is what matters most when you’re a service provider.

Knowing what your customers want and think of you is lucky. Twitter is a very transparent social platform and lets you find the UGC very easy. If people haven’t mentioned your account, you can simply head to the Search bar and search for your brand – Click Latest – and you’ve got yourself all the ‘rumor and drama’ in the palm of your hand.

Make sure to share positive UGC and off to enjoy the future comments.

  1. Boost tweets

Ads on Twitter are interestingly amazing! They don’t take too long to get approved (in fact, do they even have a check-in?).

Boosting tweets helps you reach the audience you want. Simply target the countries, audiences’ age, gender, and interests, and you’ll start seeing the results by yourself. Although sponsoring your tweets too often is not recommended, because as we have mentioned below as well – over-tweeting isn’t really Twitter users’ thing.

Image by Mizter_X94 from Pixabay

  1. Memes

What’s wrong with being a bit funny on Twitter? People love having a getaway from the normal routine of getting informed about news and stuff. It’s time to make your audience understand that you’re humans too – you love laughing and you’ve got an amazing sense of humor!

  1. Hashtags

If there’s an online platform that deserves a great focus on #hashtags, that’s Twitter. People post too many often on Twitter. It’s easy to use and sharing 1-2 sentence thoughts is quite well-received on Twitter. That’s why they tweet very often and it’s also very easy for your tweets to disappear.

Adding relevant #hashtags will help your tweets get discovered easily.

Tweets from businesses with one hashtag are 69% more likely to get retweets than those with two hashtags.

  1. Do not over-tweet

Just like on any other social platform, over-posting is tiring for the audience. Even if they love everything about you and your brand – enough is enough.

Over-tweeting might negatively affect your online experience. People want to read useful information from different sources and getting their feed populated by only one brand – it might feel right for them to simply unfollow you.

  1. Use polls

Polls are engaging and fun strategies to use on Twitter. It’s quite easy to create a poll on Twitter – all you need is a question and up to 4 options.

We on Publer create weekly Polls to get a better understanding of what our customers want most about the product and how we can make it better. The weekend polls seem to engage and drive people to vote and share their opinion – what indeed interests us to make changes on our next features.

Publer even has a branded #hashtag for the weekly Polls: #PublerPollWeekend.

  1. Schedule ALL your tweets

Tools like Publer let you schedule all tweets by generating trending hashtags, shortening links, previewing tweets, watermarking images. Also, you’ll get notified if you’ve surpassed the daily limit posts.

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