Social Media Holiday Calendar June 2021

It’s almost June! Can you believe it?

It’s almost summer and we need some good vacations as well as a nice and fresh-looking social media presence.

As always, we got your back. We’re here to introduce the social media holiday calendar for June 2021 and we couldn’t be happier for what’s coming.

We got: #GlobalDayOfParents, #MakeLifeBeautiful, #MSMEDay21 (Sunday, Micro-, Small-, And Medium-Sized Enterprises Day), etc.

Here’s a quick list of ideas for what to schedule for June:

  • Host a webinar or create a marketing campaign for Social Media Day (June 30)
  • Visit a local yoga gym and promote it on social media for the National Yoga Day on June 21st.
  • Create some fund TikTok’s about Make Life Beautiful Day on May 11th and share those as Reels too.
  • Create a carousel post about the National Camera Day on June 29th, and promote it on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Share some kudos and Instagram Stories about the best memories with your father, for Fathers’ Day on June 20

Stay aware of what happens in the world. Don’t forget to stay relevant and add the appropriate hashtag so people can reach out to u faster.

Publer already provides you the list of all smh on the calendar and ur one click away from populating the sm feed. Simply go to the weekly or monthly view, click the calendar icon, select fun, and relevant Gif along with the social networks you want to share that too, and off u go. Reach a new audience faster than you think!

Don’t forget to save all your Canva illustrations to Publer, and use them directly so you can save even more time.

Learn more about Publer’s Visual Calendar.

Populate the social media feed and enjoy the engagement. Meanwhile, save time to communicate and interact with customers, via comments & mentions.

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