You can now create and schedule Pinterest Pins on Publer

There are over 300 million active users on Pinterest and they all have something in common: they love exploring!

Being age-friendly and relevant to everyone, Pinterest is growing more and more each day. Most of the pins go viral if used correctly. The magic of Pins consists of rich graphics and short texts.

On Pinterest, there’s always something for everyone. That’s why we are thrilled to support it again!

First of all, let’s make a list of what best benefits a brand on Pinterest:

  • It’s one of the most popular social networks

Users love being part of huge social platforms where they can easily interact with others and find solutions.

  • Boosts a brand’s exposure

It is highly recommended to share more than 10 Pins per day because each one of them brings tons of users on your profile and website. 

  • Share informative articles and updates quickly

Long infographics are what people who are doing researches love most! Detailed information, guides, sources, and examples.

  • Get a huge website drive 

Pinterest has a unique way of combining photos/videos to the desired URLs. Pins are easily clickable and so, users will be able to visit websites easily.

  • No need to connect with others

Your Pinterest profile is public. Once you share Pins, everyone can view and interact with them. Make sure to use the appropriate hashtags, add links, and off you go!

  • Get real-time feedback

People can easily contact you through your Pinterest account messages or by being redirected to your website.

  • Track insights daily

Pinterest provides detailed analytics per each of your Pins, website clicks, etc. 

Finally, you can do all that by just scheduling smart. Publer provides easy access to creating, watermarking, previewing, and scheduling your Pins correctly.

Click here to learn how to connect your Pinterest account to Publer.

Pinterest has to be one of the major social networks worth considering for your business ideas. Pins are easily attached to proper links and keywords are effective, regardless if they are written on titles, descriptions, or boards. The amazing part of owning a Pinterest account consists of not having to worry about the number of followers because either way, you still get views and people still save your boards/pins.

Scheduling Pinterest Pins on Publer will be done via Zapier, as they have a Zap for it and also, it is safe. To make a Zap for your Pinterest account on Zapier follow these steps.

You can add Pinterest accounts to Publer for FREE. Happy Scheduling!

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