WhatsApp Pay rolling out in Brazil

WhatsApp is testing a new way to make digital payments between users and for the moment, only people in Brazil are testing the secure and fast purchases.

Not only are users able to view online catalogs and save their favorite products, but they can buy anything in just a click. There are many brands that use WhatsApp as their only way of communicating with customers and what’s better than an all-in-one platform? 

Despite the product purchases, now people in Brazil (and soon the rest of the world using WhatsApp) can send money to their family and friends, just as fast and easy as they’re sending a message. This option will be provided by Facebook pay and everything will be highly secure.

Courtesy of Mark Zuckerberg’s post on Facebook

Another good news is the fact that all payment transactions can be made without any kind of extra fee, which will absolutely make a difference!

In case you have never heard of WeChat, it is an all-in-one application that is widely used in China. Everyone can send messages, order food, book a taxi, pay for groceries through barcodes, or send payments via this app. It comes in handy as it saves a lot of time and effort. And we really hope WhatsApp becomes a similar app.

All that users have to do is connect their WhatsApp accounts to their credit or debit cards. Being one of the most popular communication platforms seems to be a huge advantage to whoever wants to send or receive payments.

Also, Mark Zuckerberg explains on his Facebook post, that there’s more to come!

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