6 Video Creation Tips for Introverts in 2021/22

Ever wondered how you can start making money on YouTube and other socials without showing your face?

We know how important it is to humanize the brand. But, not everyone is comfortable recording themselves. This is what triggered us to prepare some content about recording videos as an introvert.

Some people always tell you to go out of your comfort zone. That’s actually important if you want to see your real potential. Everyone who shows their face and a real voice on videos has recorded multiple examples and restarted the videos multiple times. The necessity for perfection is by far one of the main problems.

Everyone has their own favorite YouTuber or vlogger and of course, sometimes all their videos seem really perfect. If only we could have their confidence!

And this is the real deal. Once you set up your mind and become true to yourself, you can unlock more powers you didn’t even know you had.

6 Video Creation Tips for Introverts in 2021/22 by Publer

We’ve prepared a list of the 6 most important beginner tips to start a new passion: recording videos for introverts, without showing your face.

Tell a story

People are creative, get amazing random ideas from time to time, but sharing them with the audience stresses them out.

If you share your story (or some story), most people will understand that it’s just a matter of mindset!

Interview someone

In this case, the attention will turn into the other person. All you need to do is ask them questions and follow along while they are talking and making fun.

Make a video by sharing your screen only

You will eventually see that by solving a problem, you will get some nice and warm messages and comments. This will definitely make your day better and therefore, you might want to show your face too – because people would want to see who’s behind this amazing life-saving explanation.

Start with less populated platforms

We know YouTube is the place we aim to reach the most people and get more views. YouTube is the place where we aim to boost sales and drive more clicks through our videos, as well. We love to promote them across socials to earn more clicks.

But, in case you’re not fully comfortable with this giant platform, then you can absolutely try Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram IGTVs, etc.

Don’t waste time trying to make a perfect video

Maybe the video doesn’t turn out to have the perfect lighting or you couldn’t add the captions. But, that’s okay. You will be able to enhance your efforts and you will become better with every video.

6 Video Creation Tips for Introverts in 2021/22 by Publer
Photo by AQVIEWS on Unsplash

Animate your face or change the tone of your voice

There’s always the option to animate your face while in a video. In fact, it’s been trending for a while!

We were introduced to face animations via Snapchat and now, multiple other social media platforms allow it.

Check out this account for a better idea:

Sheena Melwani’s YouTube Channel

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