Upload & Schedule in Bulk Multiple Photos & Videos

What makes Publer’s Bulk Scheduler so powerful and unique, is the ability to upload and (auto) schedule in bulk several photos and videos at once. No one else offers that!

You can either upload your files from your local machine, or from external URLs, even for Videos! Publer is smart enough to figure out whether you’re uploading a photo or a video.

Once the files have been uploaded you can add more details, change their order, add more photos & videos or even delete the ones you don’t like. Select a time for each post or let Publer do that for you ( AutoScheduling ) and hit Bulk Schedule as shown above.


Your logo (if any) will be automatically added to each photo and video uploaded. To learn more about Watermarking, click here.

You can select a different Album other than the “default” one for each uploaded photo or even create new Albums as shown below.

You can always add more photos to your posts (up to 50) and turn them into posts with multiple photos. When the selected Album is the Timeline Photos / the Wall, your post will be a multi-photo post, otherwise, you’re simply scheduling multiple photos to an existing Album.

Keep in mind that photos to Albums other than the Timeline photos / the Wall will be posted without any specific order.

When having more than one photo per post, or when choosing to create a new Album, you will be given the option to also specify a caption for each photo.

Some Info 

This Superpower comes with both paid versions of Publer (Argentum and Aurum), but you can still try it for FREE up to 5 times. Keep in mind that ONLY Publer Aurum supports Multi-Photo posts, Albums and Videos.

With Publer Argentum you can still (auto) schedule in bulk up to 500 individual photos as well as import and schedule links from RSS feeds, and CSV files. Schedule your first post with Publer or share this Blog Post with your friends.

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