Twitter’s New Chat Window

The good news are becoming quite the new normal these days. Huge social networks like Pinterest and Facebook are supporting small businesses during these days with their new shopping features and easy access to buying and selling goods. Also, most of the remote-working ‘bees’ are experiencing a smooth workflow through different online communication platforms like Hangout or Zoom.

Today we’re more than happy to see that Twitter is testing new chat windows for a fast interaction with colleagues or customers. The new chat window will appear on the bottom right of the profile just like on LinkedIn and Facebook. The latest post mentioning this new feature was by Matt Navarra, a social media commentator, and consultant, on his Twitter profile.

Courtesy of Matt Navarra on Twitter

Here’s how this feature might interest your brand in the future:

Fast replies to each customer. No need to open new tabs to have a fast conversation with someone who is interested in knowing what services you provide or even reply to compliments over the last post you’ve shared.

Scroll while communicating. As we mentioned above, there’s no need to open a different page in order to send private messages. While waiting for a reply, you can still scroll to your feed and find new updates.

Fast interaction. Want to send a unique quote or a promotion post quick and easy? There is no need for copying and pasting or surfing through different tabs to do so.

Also, Jane Manchun Wong, a technology blogger who always posts new features coming up on different social networks, claimed about a month ago about this feature on her Twitter profile.

Courtesy of Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter

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