Top Digital Marketing Tools in 2021 (+ Free Infographic)

Just like any other profession, being a successful digital marketer requires a lot of smart tools.

Whether a Digital Marketer wants to drive traffic, boost sales, reach potential clients, boost brand awareness, etc. there’s always a digital tool to rely on.

Digital tools simplify the workflow. They help grow the audience and reach potential customers quick and easy. Also, they let you handle tasks and work overload.

Every Digital Marketer’s focus goes to the clients. That’s why, choosing correctly the way you want to organize the work, communicate, receive feedback, etc. is very important.

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The ideal final list of digital tools goes to the one that:

1. Has a free trial

2. Is known to help boost productivity

3. Fulfill all needs

Countless digital marketing tools are trusted by experts. But, we’ve highlighted the ones we’re currently using daily.

We’ve grouped all the digital marketing tools into 21 different categories:

  • Social Media Management
  • Customer Service & HelpCenter
  • Email Marketing
  • Visual Marketing
  • Communication Service
  • Collaboration
  • SEO Tools
  • Feedback Boards
  • Analytics
  • Writing Tools
  • Online Meeting Platforms
  • Free Stock Photo Libraries
  • Screen Recording Apps
  • Appointment
  • Marketing Reports
  • Apps Linking
  • Link Shorteners
  • Landing Pages
  • Blogging
  • Topic Generators
  • Readability Test

Here’s the infographic:

Digital Marketing Tools to use in 2021

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