Tips to organizing a Successful Giveaway

Whether your brand has already organised a giveaway before or not, there are many options you could use in order to create a better one next time.

A giveaway is a promotional strategy to provide goods or free items to people who participate. They are highly recommended in case you’re looking forward to growing the audience, in a fun way.

This is a downloaded photo from Unsplash. 

Photo by Don Agnello on Unsplash
Photo by Don Agnello on Unsplash

The first and most important part of a giveaway is having a goal. There are many brands that organize giveaways to showcase and offer a specific product. Every giveaway is created in exchange for something else, such as the increase in the number of followers and engagement.

A very successful way to organize a giveaway is to collaborate with another brand. These kinds of partnerships bring the best results as the number of people reached is bigger and both brands earn visibility. So, it’s a win-win situation.

This is the photo of the giveaway Publer organised on its Instagram account. It ended on June 30, on Social Media day and there were 5+1 winners.
Instagram Giveaway Post on Publer

There are quite a few mistakes a brand should avoid when considering a giveaway:

Hidden prizes and rules

If people don’t like the potential of the prize or they’re not sure how they should proceed to be part of a contest, the giveaway will definitely not have the same outcome as expected.

Exaggerated rules

People don’t like tiring contests! Not too many people will join a giveaway if what you’re asking is liking a picture, tagging 20 friends on the comment section, sharing the photo contest on Stories with a specific hashtag every day, or a paid entrance.

– Not promoting it enough to the subscribers and fans

There’s a reason behind the fact why a certain number of followers are following you. They love your content, services, tools, or team. Make them part of an amazing opportunity to win something for free and you’ve got yourself a loyal audience! Publer has created multiple events on Facebook, LinkedIn, and also, advertised it on Instagram.

Irrelevant prizes

If you are a floral shop, don’t aim to organise a giveaway for a social media manager certificate. Unless you are collaborating with a digital marketing agency.

Massive Giveaway on Instagram

Short giveaway VS long ones

Long giveaways make people lose interest and forget about it easily. While on the other hand, short ones can create an urgency feeling.

Image by Glorife Simon from Pixabay

Let’s list the top features of a giveaway on social media:

Set prizes

The prizes of a giveaway must be convincing, attractive, and relevant to your brand’s niche. Whether you are organizing an event alone or in collaboration with another brand, the prize has to be related to what you provide.

Publer’s last giveaway consisted of 5 Lifetime Ambassadors.

Declare the rules

Rules of a giveaway can be different. There are brands who want to get as many likes as possible and their giveaway is all about likes. There are some other brands who want people to view their profile and follow them. Then, there’s the traditional like, follow and tag friends.

Put a time-limit

There are different types of giveaways. therefore the time-limit must be in accordance with what you’re providing.

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