TikTok presents ‘Resumes’ for Job Opportunities

TikTok is now one of the most powerful social networks out there! There’s absolutely no doubt when we say that as we’ve seen creative and impressive ideas blow up the sales, and influencer marketing like never before.

As if it weren’t enough, TikTok has now launched ‘Resumes’. This will help connect people who want to apply for jobs, with the other party.

As Kayla Dixon, Marketing Manager at TikTok, said:

“TikTok Resumes is a natural extension of our TikTok College Ambassadors program, where we previously employed hundreds of college students as on-campus brand representatives. Like many, college students were impacted by the pandemic and have displayed a resilience and unwavering optimism that’s truly been inspiring. We’re excited to help students and job seekers everywhere unleash their creativity and ‘get the bag!’”

TikTok has its own link for the Resumes. Everyone in the US can easily find job listings and submit their resumes. Or they can attach their profile in case they share job-related content.

This is an amazing opportunity to enhance the TikTok profile!

Well, is it me, or is TikTok starting to copy some other platforms? We’ve got Reels and Spotlights – now it’s TikTok’s turn.

For those who are already part of LinkedIn: you know how easy it is to:

  • Connect with professionals from all over the world;
  • Find job vacancies and send your resume;
  • Or apply directly with your LinkedIn profile.

This is the exact same thing that people should expect in the next few months.

Many new creators have collaborated with huge brands. Therefore, we predict a very successful thing ahead.

There are different useful hashtags on the platform that keep people together in various niches.

In this case, at the moment we have:

#CareerAdvice – 1.5 billion views

#CareerTok – 65.8 million views

#Career – 1.2 billion views

#CareerTips – 169.3 million views

This allows us to tell how important it is for the users to get daily tips and tricks about careers. We’ve already left behind a difficult couple of years when many people struggled with their jobs and finances. So, this initiative is thoughtful and has absolutely come at the perfect time.

This is the official website where people from the US can apply and attach their resumes. You can also download their new app for this purpose only.

Be aware that the deadline is July 31st.

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