Summer 2021 Campaign: Publer is accepting Guest Posts

We’re now officially accepting guest posts on Publer’s Blog as a Summer Campaign, until August 31st. We are so excited to have shaped this new initiative for our amazing audience.

Guest posting in Publer’s Blog is an amazing opportunity to help professionals and new bloggers to enhance their online presence. With around 50K subscribers, Publer aims to provide unique and original content only.

Lately, we’ve seen a huge demand for guest posts and we are honestly amazed and the happiest to know that we can really become a safe trampoline for everyone who wants to showcase their beautiful work.

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Summer Campaign: Publer is accepting Guest Posts

We’re listing a few benefits you’ll be getting from guest posting with Publer:

  • Your blog posts will be shared all over our social networks. We’ll take care of repurposing them into Reels, Stories, or make them part of future email marketing campaigns.
  • You’ll get a public shout-out from us every time your blog post is shared.
  • You can attach affiliate links and your website to each blog post. This is how you can build credibility and boost your website/affiliate traffic.
  • You can improve your content writing skills. You are about to be featured on Publer’s Blog, and we know you’ll take better care of your content by doing deeper research.
  • Everyone can apply. It’s free!

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We already have a very active audience that follows us for the latest trends regarding social media. And we’re still willing to provide quality content through the upcoming guest posts.

To help get a better orientation, we’ve grouped the required topics:

  • Social Media Trends in 2021
  • eCommerce tips to promote physical or digital products on social media
  • B2B Advertising
  • SaaS (tips & guides)
  • Digital products that help save time
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mental Health tips

Feel free to suggest new topics based on your expertise, so we can populate the blog.

Summer Campaign: Publer is accepting Guest Posts
Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

  • Original content only – guest articles should have a high SEO score and will be checked for plagiarism
  • Guest articles should be 700+ words 
  • If you have a blog, you should also accept guest posts by Publer
  • You can’t attach your Publer’s Ambassador URL to your guest blog. (every other affiliate link is allowed)

You can suggest and provide more than 1 blog article. Duplicative topics won’t be shared.

If you want to promote your products/services through a guest post on Publer, please contact us to discuss further procedures.

This will be the official hashtag that we’re going to use on our social posts: #ImOnPubler. Make sure to add the same hashtag when you retweet/share.

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