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This blog article lists continuously the latest hot topics among social media trends and digital marketing news. Obviously, you and Publer have the same goal: 

Nail your Business Success!

Thus, we truly believe that listing the hottest trends will provide our users with vital information to update their content and ads in real-time. 

WhatsApp Business Messaging Update

There is no doubt that SoMe platforms are working on strengthening business efforts to communicate better with their customers. Therefore, you should always stay updated to latest news. Check out the new WhatsApp Business Messaging Update.

WhatsApp Business Messaging Update

Social media trends are all about digital Collectibles on Instagram.

Digital Collectibles

If you post any creative content, you can actually obtain profits from it. Collectibles can be any material online as images and videos, music, or trading cards. 

Digital Collectibles are the most notable social media trend for any type of business. This is a thriving trend online where creators can launch their Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the platform. 

Audio Rooms Are On LinkedIn NOW!

Live Audio Rooms on Linkedin

This isn’t simply listed among tremendous social media trends. It’s definitely the most joyful update for professionals who aspire to expand their expertise and network online. 

The new update from LinkedIn has been wanted by its users for a while. It was about time to finally enable the live audio rooms. 

Since it provides many benefits starting from making the World digitally smaller and facilitating people’s professional network, audio rooms are a must-do strategy to all businesses. 

Ready to host your live audio event? 

TikTok's New Tools

TikTok’s New Tools Give Credits to Creators 

Delight creators by giving them credits for their work.

Believe us; it is the most popular social media news worldwide! Maybe, because we are used to scrolling videos on TikTok and sharing without realizing that creators have put efforts to entertain or inform you. Giving credits means mentioning the author of creative posts, and TikTok’s new tool is just about that.


Twitter's New Update with Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces Live Audio Chats

Innovation is the real challenge for companies. Adapting to latest digital marketing methods is vital to compete decently.

Twitter Spaces are the latest social media trends that clients absolutely adore in every place on Earth.

Read how live audio chats are revolutionizing communication methods!



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