Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid ASAP

Mistakes as in…? – Yes. Mistakes. That’s right. If a social media manager thinks they know everything, they must think again.

Every profession in the world has its tricks and not being able to follow all of them might make them end up with nothing but a great lesson for the future. Luckily, many people are talking about how social media works, what their ins and outs are, tips and tricks, etc.

There are quite a few mistakes to avoid when it comes to managing social media and we’re so happy to share them. Sometimes, people don’t learn from their mistakes only, but from others’ too. We’ve been there too.

This image is downloaded from Unsplash. Its idea is to show that every little piece of the puzzle has its own importance and if one tiny piece is missing, then the big picture will seem incompleted.

Here’s a list of some social media mistakes to avoid:

  • Treating all social media the same

Besides all the myths that social media is only used for people to communicate, find job vacancies, or showcase a brand’s updates, there’s an important thing to remember: Not every social network provides the same options to communicate (chats, comments/threads, shares, etc.) and display job vacancies the same (specific and professional dedicated pages, status updates, etc.).

Also, social media posts lifespans are different. On Pinterest, posts might last up to 4 months, while on LinkedIn they last 24 hours and on Twitter – 18 minutes. There. Something you didn’t know!

This image is downloaded from Unsplash and represents the same person on different pavements. The idea is to fit differently in different places.
Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

  • Post absence

Once you’re into the social networks and see all the benefits it provides, you never go back. But, people want to see you, your updates, and everything related to your business as soon as they decide to follow you.

People love getting notified about a new product. Take Publer as an example – all users love the idea of new features and tools coming soon. That’s because they want their social media post scheduling to be easier and more professional at the same time. Also, they love the detailed guide on how to use and make the most out of a new update.

This is why we’ve decided to post continuously, rather we’re sharing tips on how to make the online experience more attractive, how to properly schedule posts and save time, how to find new customers, monthly social media holidays, trends to follow, etc.

If people don’t see an active social media account, they will forget about that completely. Do you want that?

Help your workflow by properly organizing your posts on all social networks. You can easily do that by curating, scheduling, and previewing all posts before sharing them on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google My Business. Click here to learn more.

There’s something essential to remember: every social network displays statuses and media differently. It means that if you are not worried about posting too much, at least fit into social networks’ requirements.

This image is downloaded from Unsplash and represents the post absence. The idea is to post continuously on social media and never let the feed dry, like a desert.
Photo by Marcelo Novais on Unsplash
  • Not engaging with the audience

It really doesn’t matter how many followers a social media account has. There are verified companies or people on Twitter and Instagram that own less than 10K followers. Yet they have an engaging audience, post daily, and are known globally.

Many users and fans that follow your brand on social networks interact with your posts, rather they’re giving positive feedback about an update, or a negative one by underestimating all yours and your team’s efforts.

Either way, social media managers must engage with all the comments. If those are positive ones, let them know how grateful you are and thank them by replying with some cute emojis/Gif.

On the other hand, if those are negative comments: don’t avoid them; don’t delay your answer; reply with a personalised answer.

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