Social Media Holiday Calendar September 2021

Yes, August is coming to an end and that makes us emotional. Facts.

It’s been an amazing summer and we’re sure you took some time off to rest. And now, we’re back to a brand new trimester – with some brand new marketing plans and campaigns.

The tradition continues. We’re here to showcase the full list of the most important social media holidays for September 2021. We’ll cover ideas, trends, and also, how Publer will help you make the most out of your time.

Here’s why you need to stay aware of the social media holiday calendar:

  • Prepare unique marketing campaigns that attract new potential customers.
  • Celebrate a new feature, service, or product on a special day.
  • Support, give kudos, or promote local businesses.
  • Get seen by using the respective trending hashtags.
  • Build customer trust and loyalty by sharing stats and facts.
  • If you’re feeling fresh out of ideas, simply start a new post based on a holiday that’s relevant to your niche.

Some ideas for the next international holidays that will enhance your online presence:

International Day of Charity – September 5

Share stats and facts about Mother Teresa, or how it’s celebrated worldwide.

Share quotes and other motivational sayings.

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

Positive Thinking Day – September 13

Promote the benefits of yoga and meditation.

Support a local yoga studio or a park in your town.

World Tourism Day – September 27

Promote local agencies and their top offers.

Raise awareness of climate change or share facts about the benefits of tourism.

Photo by Yves Alarie on Unsplash

Publer is the social media management tool that not only helps you create new posts based on these special holidays but also:

Allows you to prepare new photo and video designs with Canva and Crello within the platform. You can easily use both these super-tools to prepare professional illustrations without the need for a designing degree.

Besides the specific hashtag, you can get some other relevant hashtags from the built-in generator on the editor. Remember to use location and branded hashtags.

Start a sale and link all your Instagram posts to a specific URL using the free Link in Bio by Publer. Attract new customers and turn them all into followers.

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