Social Media Holiday Calendar – October 2020

Everyday is a holiday somewhere in the world.

It’s time to eye trending hashtags and leverage your brand’s online presence.

Social Media Holiday Calendar – October 2020

Planning a decent social media calendar is a Must for every business. Social media holidays are a great opportunity to raise brand awareness and be close to your audience. Many brands are currently pre-organizing events and promotional content for their social media feed, which will allow everyone to have fun!

Posting different social media content related to a specific event helps build connections.

We have highlighted the Top national and international holidays, that can spice up the content, raise brand awareness, and trigger successful social media engagement.

Tips and tricks to make the most out of your October social media calendar:

– Carefully read and notice which holidays are relevant to your brand’s niche

– Download free, stock images from Unsplash and import them directly to your Media Library, by properly labelling them

– Curate and schedule every post per each social account based on the respective holiday

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