Social Media Holiday Calendar May 2021

Social media holiday calendar play an important role in your marketing plan. They help empower your social media posts and boost engagement easily.

Among every benefit that you might think, social media holidays are a smart way to build customer loyalty and trust.

We started sharing social media holiday calendars in July 2020 and people (including us) have been loving everything about them. Leveraging social media brand awareness has never been easier and faster.

People have been using these holidays as opportunities when they were feeling fresh out of ideas on what to post online or to reach a wider audience based on the trending hashtags.

This May, we’re celebrating tons of important holidays and we’ve listed some interesting ideas you could use.

While you can’t organize huge parades or events with the current global conditions, let’s make it all virtual!

Advantages of using social media holidays as part of your marketing plan:

  • Boost trust by sharing brand-relevant information
  • Build customer loyalty while providing value
  • Spread awareness per different global causes
  • Reach a wide audience
  • Get inspired when you don’t know what to post online

International Workers Day – May 1st

– Organize an online event that brings together everyone from the team and audience. Have some fun by telling jokes or simply showing how you spend the day with your family and friends. Collect these jokes and repurpose them into a nice blog article and social media posts/stories

– Give away some gift cards through an email marketing campaign

– Organize a sweet team retreat (picnic or rural getaway)

– Share handmade gifts. Prepare some Pins and promote them.

– Organize a whole day off. Allow multiple people to take over your social media for a day.

This is how you can prepare a new post for International Workers Day on Publer

National BBQ Day – May 16th

– Organize a BBQ day somewhere near the office and allow everyone to take over social media stories

National Smile Day – May 31st

– Prepare some memes or funny photo collages and share them with the team. Prepare a special infographic with all the best jokes and share them via email to make someone’s day.

– Have a quick competition with your audience for the funniest story. Share these jokes as tweets!

– Organize a team getaway in a poor neighborhood and provide them with food for a month. let’s empower everyone to do so every weekend.

– Help street animals by sending them to the vet and saving their lives. Promote vet hospitals on your socials and help spread awareness!

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