Social Media Holiday Calendar July 2021

Social Media Holiday Calendar July 2021 by Publer

And the tradition continues.

Here we are, welcoming July’s Social Media Holiday Calendar which is full of interesting events.

Staying aware of all social media holidays prepares you for a better online presence and boosts the chances to get seen.

Social Media Holiday Calendar July 2021 by Publer

It’s not very easy to be creative all the time, we know that. You can’t just be inspired all day long so you can start writing and creating some good content.

We’re already providing some solutions to that, and one of them is the monthly Social Media Holiday Calendar for July 2021.

Every day is a holiday. It’s important to stay aware and prepare some wonderful well-thought marketing plans.

As we mentioned above, there are multiple ways to get content inspiration on Publer.

One of them are the social media holidays on the visual calendar, and another way is to get to the content curation section.

Let’s say it’s International Yoga Day. If you don’t want to share a funny Gif, simply head to the content curation and search for yoga-related articles in your country (or another).

It’s important to share news and facts from sites that people trust!

Did you know that you could search, find, and click on the articles you want? Simply because you feel like reading something new.

Check out your visual calendar on the dashboard. Every holiday is already added on the respective days and all you need to do is click on them to start a brand new post from scratch – and the hashtag will be automatically attached.

You know what to do: schedule all the social media posts in advance and enjoy the rest of the month to prepare new marketing plans and host webinars that will help you and your team to work better.

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