Social Media Holiday Calendar January 2022

And just like that, we’re now ready for the social media holiday calendar in January 2022.

It’s been an incredible year: news, incredible updates, thumb-stopping posts, new experience with TikTok videos, and so many plans for the future.

January 2022 is full of amazing holidays that allow us to create & schedule new posts across socials. And now that Publer supports almost every social network that exists, we can cross-promote/share our content so it can reach everyone, everywhere.

If you’re still asking yourself why do I need to create content related to famous and awareness holidays, we’ve got only one important sentence for you:

Boost trust and humanize the online presence!

People love it when small businesses organize their agenda and content over important holidays. This is the perfect way for you to boost engagement because holidays and awareness days are engaging and trustworthy.

Also, they help marketers repurpose the content into different types. For example, a blog article can turn into an Instagram Reel; an infographic can turn into an informative Twitter thread; a webinar can turn into an event or LinkedIn update, etc. The same goes for holiday content!

Over 150 important holidays can be found below in the PDF file which you can download and share with your marketing team, audience, and clients.

And not only that. You can find all holidays in Publer‘s virtual calendar. All you need to do is click on a hashtag and it will automatically pop up as a new post editor where you can select the desired socials and prepare new posts.

Social Media Holiday Calendar January 2022 by Publer

But before proceeding with the holidays, here are some other benefits of using social media holidays for your small business:

  • Reach potential customers easily. By using the relevant social media holiday hashtags you can help your brand reach the right audience. People can easily find what they’re looking for once you add the right content.

  • New content ideas. There are days when we feel so fresh out of ideas and it’s a real struggle! But, being able to find relevant and useful social media holidays, then you can immediately prepare some new creative ideas.

  • Humanize your brand. When people see that you share posts related to their favorite days/holidays, they feel comfortable with your posts/team and can be more engaging with the posts.


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