Social Media Holiday Calendar August 2021


Whether you’re looking for a reason to start a business, create some content for the social networks, or start an innovative giveaway for the new month, then you know where to start: holidays in August!

Social Media Holiday Calendar is now a monthly tradition that aims to provide easy access to all important holidays in the upcoming month.

As we’d love to mention for our new readers: Publer will help you find these holidays integrated within the visual calendar, which makes it easier for you to create a brand new post – regardless of the social network you choose.

Here’s a list of advantages you get when you’re aware of social media holidays and their respective hashtags:

– Ready content for the upcoming posts in August. There’s no need to stress over ideas and getting inspired out of nothing. All of the social media holidays that are added to the pdf file are important holidays and are actually celebrated around the world.

– Reach more people by using hashtags. The trending hashtags make the dream work if you use some nice and thoughtful content.

– Start a new campaign on a special date. There’s a holiday somewhere in the world – every day. Find what’s relevant to your niche and stick to that date to make a professional appearance!

It’s time for you to prepare some nice posts, Reels, Pins, and plan some sales because August is full of interesting holidays.


– Always be relevant and don’t forget to use the trending hashtags.

– Don’t over-post, unless you’re giving away prizes and announcing winners.

– Keep an eye for your loyal customers and make them proud to have chosen you.

Here’s how you can make the most out of Publer with the social media holiday calendar for August 2021:

  • Search and find all hashtags on the visual calendar. Simply slick on them, select the desired social accounts, and off to creating something wonderful.
  • Prepare a giveaway/sale and put every post under the recurring mode, so Publer can share the announcement as many times as you need. If you don’t want the exact same text going out, then simply use the built-in spinner.
  • Find useful and relevant articles by searching on the Content Suggestion section. Filter by country and category or make a more detailed search (date, relevancy, domains, etc.).
  • Organize all upcoming posts, visual content, and posting schedules using the color-coded labels.
  • Prepare unique photo and video illustrations with the desired designing tool: Canva and Crello – right within Publer!

Never miss a holiday again!

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