Social Media Content Lifespan

Many social media managers analyze the posts they create per each social network carefully. That’s because they always want to improve the way they write, check to see if the images fit properly to the text and each social network, view engagement, etc.

It’s a matter of marketing strategy when it comes to finding the perfect time to post, great content.

There are many things going on in a social media manager’s mind. It all begins with how many posts they should create, which are the proper image/video dimensions, how much information should they display in a single post, etc.

It is very important to find a great balance between all of these. In the end, it’s the audience’s engagement that matters!

As much fun and promising as it seems, it is quite wrong to post very often on social media. That’s because people might follow you and be interested in knowing everything about your products, updates, and team members. But that doesn’t mean you should display everything like in a 24/7 reality show.

Posting too often on social media might boost engagement, or lose it. Each social network has its own differences when it comes to the posts lifespans. Have you noticed how many times people post on Twitter? That’s because the tweet’s lifespan is only 18 minutes.

It doesn’t mean that the tweet gets lost forever (because you can always boost a tweet in less than 5 minutes and bring it back to life). But it wouldn’t hurt for you to post at least 3 times per day, or maybe retweet the same tweet in a day.

Talking about lifespans, we on Publer are carefully taking care of all the posts on social media. Also, we’ve taken over new platforms to view the online performance and we’d love to share it with everyone.


Well, at first, based on their website, the platform seemed to provide the most popular and powerful tools to check insights. And guess what – first impression never lies.

We were amazed by the flexible and intuitive tools to monitor real-time statistics regarding page activities based on:

  • Days of the week or times of the day
  • Text length
  • Engagement on posts
  • Followers’ activity: likes, shares, comments, etc.

A screenshot taken from Popsters‘ dashboard

At the moment, we’re finding Popsters a real time/life-saver, because we can easily export all data into different files and make marketing plans out of them. Now we know how the audience interacts with our posts and we’re always improving the Publer‘s online presence.

Do you know what else makes Popsters different?

LR: It’s the Love Rate and it is the number of likes per audience size (total number of all likes/number of subscribers * 100%).

TR: It’s the Talk Rate – the number of comments per audience size (total number of all comments/number of subscribers * 100%).

So, Popsters, the all-in-one platform for insight track sounds like a plan now, right?

A screenshot taken from Popsters‘ dashboard

After every tool we’ve tried and researches we’ve done, the bottom line is that Twitter has the shortest post lifespan. And then comes Facebook, with a post lifespan of 5 hours.

It’s quite unbelievable, yet it’s true that the engagement on Facebook reaches its peak during the first hours.

Instagram content lasts less than 24 hours, and that’s the reason why everyone should post to Instagram everyday. 

LinkedIn content lifespans is around 24 hours. But, the interesting thing about LinkedIn is that many posts can get easily on trending and might be part of many people’s notification bar. It all depends on a smart hashtag and topic.

How about YouTube and Pinterest?

YouTube videos have a lifespan of around 20 days. In 20 days most of the videos continue to get comments, likes, and shares. Every social media post gets easily shared across many other networks, but YouTube videos have a record of sharing. That’s why its video lifespan is longer than the others.

Pinterest seems to ‘win this race’. Rich Pins have a lifespan of 4 months! No wonder why the number of users on Pinterest is increased by millions every year.

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