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Updated: June 3rd, 2021. LinkedIn increased the total number of characters allowed per post from 1300 to 3000.

Leveraging your online presence with some new options!

Starting from now, every user can easily post natively Videos and Gifs on LinkedIn Profiles & Pages.

Videos and Gifs are an enjoyable way of information-sharing. All social media users must use them on their posts, in case they want to receive a huge and fast engagement.

Here’s why you should post more videos on your LinkedIn Page and Profile:

  • Boost trust

Sharing informative articles and job vacancies is key to an organic audience. And that’s why videos are one of the smartest strategies to help boost trust, value, and awareness. Also, they show everyone who’s actually behind a business page or a person’s profile.

  • Help stand out from other competitors

People are keen on watching videos and getting fast information. Also, videos help engage faster than with some simple text. Videos/Gifs help show the value and vision based on the proper voice.

  • Easily sharable across all networks and viewable on mobile phones

Videos, in general, just like other media files, can be shared easily in a click of a button. Texts on the other hand require copying and pasting.

Photo by inlytics • LinkedIn Analytics Tool on Unsplash

Finally, every user can upload, schedule, and preview how LinkedIn videos and Gifs will look like before they’re shared.

Publer supports Video and Gif scheduling for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn Pages (and Gifs for LinkedIn Personal Profiles). There are 4 modes of scheduling every user can take advantage of on Publer: Manually, Automatically, Recycle, and Recurring.

There’s no way for a person to see how many people viewed the whole video they posted on LinkedIn. (Unless they’ve commented so).

That’s because videos on LinkedIn gain impressions (the number of people who have seen the video as a post but not viewed what it’s about). Also, they gain views, that represent the number of people who’ve watched the video for more than 3 seconds.

But, every user can check the views on the Analytics dashboard. Also, everyone can see specific post insight and go to the post directly to interact with the comments.

This Gif explains how one can easily create a new post by adding a video on LinkedIn and preview it.

Some information regarding the LinkedIn video sizes, aspect ratios, and video formats.

  • LinkedIn Video/Gif Sizes

Videos on both LinkedIn Pages and Profiles can be from 3 seconds up to 10 minutes long. Their size must be up to 1 GB.

Gifs can be up to 8 MB and can be scheduled for both LinkedIn Pages and personal Profiles.

People’s attention span is about 8 seconds. But, that doesn’t have to stop you from creating a wonderful, long video, which informs everyone, every second. The recommended LinkedIn video length is 3 minutes.

Suggested video editing tools: Camtasia (for videos and Gifs) and Loom (lets you capture the screen and you).

  • LinkedIn Videos aspect ratios

Their aspect ratios must be 1:2.4 to 2.4:1.

  • LinkedIn Video formats

LinkedIn allows many video formats: ASF, FLV, MPEG-1 and MPEG-4, MKV, WebM, H264/AVC, MP4, VP8 and VP9, WMV2 and WMV3

This Gif explains how one can easily create a new post by adding a Gif on LinkedIn and preview it.

Extra information:

  • The character limit doesn’t change when you upload a video or a Gif to your LinkedIn post. It must include up to 700 characters on Company Pages and 3000 on personal Profiles.
  • If it is impossible for a video/Gif to be shared on LinkedIn, that’s because of its file type or requirements. Please keep in mind that videos/Gifs still get uploaded if they don’t have the proper type/requirement, but won’t get shared.
  • Multiple videos/Gifs sharing isn’t allowed on LinkedIn, so, it’s not allowed on Publer.

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