Scheduling GIFs for Facebook & Twitter

Keep in mind that they cannot be larger than 15 MB.

Animated GIFs are powerful file formats that people absolutely adore. Those are another way people express their messages, feelings and are a different, yet ideal marketing strategy. 

Advantages of using GIFs on your social media posts:

  • Fun interaction with your audience
  • Express processes easily 
  • Show off the best out of a product/ service

And you can schedule GIFs for Facebook and Twitter by using Publer!

GIFs on Facebook

GIFs on Facebook will be playable just like videos.

The only restrictions Facebook applies to GIFs are:

  • Allowance on mobile – 5 MB
  • Allowance on web  – 15 MB

 Here’s how you can add a GIF to your Facebook post:

GIFs on Twitter

GIFs on Twitter, just like on Facebook, will be playable and have the same size restrictions. 

You can add a Gif on Twitter the same way as on Facebook!

There are multiple ways you can use to schedule a Facebook or Twitter post with a GIF:

  • Click or Drag & Drop right from the dashboard
  • From an external URL
  • Using the Bulk upload button or a CSV file

Adding a GIF to your post is very simple. Our partnership with Giphy allows you to search and upload your favorite GIF right from the dashboard of Publer.

Instead of posting them right away, you can also save GIFs as drafts or schedule them for a later time to the Twitter & Facebook accounts you manage. LinkedIn and Google My Business don’t support them, which kind of makes sense.

Publer will be able to automatically watermark them for you with your own logo just like any other photo or video.

Last but not least, GIFs are essentially videos, thus very resource consuming.

For that reason, they’re only included in the Publer Aurum version, but you can try them for free. We have reset the video free trials for all users.

Happy giffing! 

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