Schedule Twitter Threads: Now with Images, Videos, or GIFs

The wait is over! You can now create and schedule long Twitter threads (up to 15 tweets) using visual content on each and every tweet – not only on the first one.

Not only did we make it happen for Twitter, though. You can even respond to comments across socials you’ve added to Publer by using photos, videos, or Gifs.

It’s quite a cliche thing to say, but we’re saying it anyway: visual content builds emotional connections with the audience. Regardless of whether you’re sharing updates, videos, Gifs, memes, etc., people will remember them because they’re easy and faster to process.

According to, visuals tell a story about your brand, solve problems, boost learnings, and increase clicks. So, let’s keep that in mind.

Publer allows you to schedule long Twitter threads and interact with comments using visual content to express your thoughts better.

There are two ways you can use media in comments on Publer:

1. Twitter Threads

Twitter threads are a smart way to increase engagement. That’s because by scheduling/posting new tweets related to each other, your posts will mostly stay on top of your followers’ feed. 

If you create threads on the app itself, Twitter, then you can prepare up to 2 tweets. But, Publer has supercharged this amazing feature by allowing you to not only create up to 15 tweets per thread but also, schedule them whenever you want.

Why should you create/schedule long threads?

The reason is simple. Twitter only allows you to post up to 280 characters per tweet, which means that if you want to announce a huge update, share an event that contains tons of information, or there’s a blog post full of important tips, then the only way to do those is by preparing threads.

Besides text and links, now Publer allows you to add visual content, too. Express your thoughts better and of course, boost engagement like never before.

People love visuals, right?

Publer allows you to schedule long Twitter threads and interact with comments using visual content to express your thoughts better.

2. Interact with comments

There’s nothing better than having a tool for everything: get content ideas, schedule posts, design new illustrations, analyze post-performance, and manage comments and replies.

We’ve said ‘Bye’ to multiple open tabs a long time ago and we’re still fans of that.

Interacting with comments on social media is important because that’s a great way to stay updated with feedback and humanize the brand. But, there might be social media managers that don’t have commenting access. That’s why we’ve thought about this – a lot – and decided to make it easier for everyone to view, comment/reply, edit, and delete – right within Publer.

Publer allows you to schedule long Twitter threads and interact with comments using visual content to express your thoughts better.

You can add media in comments that belong to Facebook Pages posts, Facebook Groups (when posting as a Page) posts, Twitter posts, and Linkedin posts.

Tip: Now that Publer supports photos, videos, and Gifs in the comments/threads – you can design new illustrations by using Canva and/or VistaCreate (Crello), get free stock images from the built-in Unsplash library, or simply import them.

Please be aware of the following:

  • LinkedIn only supports photos and videos in the comment section. You won’t be able to respond with Gifs to your posts on LinkedIn.

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