Schedule Google My Business Posts – A Detailed Guide

Regardless of your brand’s niche, having a Google My Business account is one of the most important steps you can take.

There are multiple types of businesses out there: national, international, regional, or local.

To create a new Google My Business account doesn’t require optimal skills, nor having a specific profession. As long as you own a Google account, you’re one step closer to creating a new listing.

This illustration is a courtesy of Morning Brew on Unsplash.
Morning Brew on Unsplash

So, what is the point of having a Google My Business account anyway?

As Google explains better, you can create an account for free and stay connected with your customers anytime. You have multiple options to insert CTA buttons, display photos, and videos, allow everyone to see what’s your brand really about, and check all reviews in a click.

Having a Google My Business account boosts the credibility and lets everyone contact you fast and easy.

Optimising a Google My Business account benefits a brand. We know Google is the King of the search engines and being part of it is indeed an advantage. 

Customers always want to see what you do and this is why you must at least post once a week. Whether you are posting a new feature, update, or team members, it is important to stay close to your customers and allow them to interact with your media.

Customers tend to make decisions based on reviews, activity, and high-quality media you add to your Google My Business account. That’s why there are multiple ways you could stay updated and take the right time to view the insights.

This photo is downloaded from Unsplash and the screen on the smartphone is edited with the location of Publer on map.

Here’s a guide on how you could drive huge engagement, gain new customers, and rank high on Google:

Take professional photographs of your offices, products, team members; create illustrations that best show correct information about new services and tools; etc.

You can also personalize and maybe reach people faster and avoid the part where people download and use your media – use watermarks. You can easily add a logo to all your photos and videos, decide the logo’s location, size, and opacity in a click.

Schedule Google My Business posts

  • You can decide whether you want to create an Update, Event, or provide an Offer.

Updates consist of some text, photo, and link. You can choose among the range of CTA buttons as well: Book, Order Online, Buy, Learn more, Sign up, Call now.

On Publer, you can even decide the text formatting and edit the text into Bold and Italic. No need to open new tabs, search for text formatting apps, copy and paste texts.

In case you’re organising an event, you can specify a start and end date and let Publer do the magic for you.

Got an Offer going on? Great. Allow everyone to access your coupon code and click to redeem the offer in a blink of an eye.

  • Select the desired date to auto-delete an event, in case you no longer want to be shown publicly or auto-share it to whichever social network you want in-a-click.

This is a screenshot taken from Publer, while creating an Event on Google My Business account.
Creating an Event on Google My Business through Publer

If you want your updates, events, and offers to be evergreen content, you can easily recycle them according to your desired posting schedule. This way you could easily reach more people by sharing the same post over and over again. Up for a new giveaway, maybe?

You can even schedule your Google My Business Updates using the CSV file, where you can easily add photos, links, and text. (And, you can do that for up to 500 updates at the same time!) Click here to view an example.

Pro Tip:

Keep your contact information up-to-date. Always. Operating hours, payment methods. and location must always be accurate.

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