Say ‘Hello’ to Reels on Facebook

The endless battle between major social networks has now reached a new phase: Facebook has introduced Reels, too, in the US.

They will have the same effects/features as on Instagram: music, audio, etc.

Every creator can now reach a wider audience simply by putting some effort or recycling their content on Facebook Reels.

Keep in mind that Reels on Facebook are still being tested and not available to everyone, just yet.

Facebook has now introduced Reels on its app and they couldn't have been more than welcome by influencers, entertainers, and brands in the US.

As Facebook states, creators can build an audience by:

  • Getting discovered in News Feed
  • Sharing thoughts on Groups
  • Cross-sharing from Instagram to Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg claimed for the Q2 2021 Earnings Call in July:

‘Video now accounts for almost half of all time spent on Facebook, and Reels is already the largest contributor to engagement growth on Instagram. Across all forms of video, short-form video like Reels is growing especially quickly. We’re very focused on making it easy for anyone to create video and then for those videos to be viewed across all of our different services, starting with Facebook and Instagram first.’

Reels have become a powerful tool for all marketers all over the world. Creators are getting paid for their efforts and of course, that’s a huge motivation for their work. Now, with Reels, it will be even easier to reach a great audience with the content.

Facebook introduced bonuses and its plans to reach a $1 billion budget for creators only, until the end of this year.

More and more opportunities arise every day for creators, entertainers, and brands of any kind.

Reels are an amazing experience for brand owners who can easily organize their future collaborations using the power of Reels and showcase their work differently. We know how many people Reels can reach in less than 24 hours!

It’s the perfect time to become an influencer and start earning!


Instagram is now testing ads in Reels

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