Preview Your Social Media Posts

Your brand needs to have an epic online presence. The most effective way to do so is to take a look at how your posts will appear on each social network!

| NEW: You can prepare some bulk content with just a few clicks, by allowing the built-in Spintax Generator provides new content based on the keywords that you provide.

Say Hello to Live Preview Feature!

Take a sneak peek before your post goes online.

Ever gotten tired of your photos being incorrectly cropped by social networks? Ever gotten tired of mixing and matching hundreds of new lines so that the caption would go along with your imagination of how it should appear online?

By previewing the content while creating a new post (or after you have scheduled one) you can now make all the desired changes before it goes live and never, ever receives an unwanted surprise.

With the new Publer’s Previewing Feature you can:  

  • Preview how the watermarked photos or videos will look on the actual social network’s feed both on desktop and mobile!

    Remember: You can always go back to your post, make the desired changes and then preview it again.

  • Get an actual view of the text that will be posted (including the selected signature or any shortcodes)

    Remember: You can add or remove the Signature whenever you want

The preview feature provides a precaution to any undesired mistakes that will make you go back to the published post and manually edit it. It is amazing how you can preview EACH step of your content design.

With Publer you can customize posts of each social account with different captions, emojis, scheduling time, etc.

Sneak a peek at your posts before they go live. Make the proper corrections and never miss a mistake. Edit your posts live and preview them.

This way, you can preview each one of them in a smooth and easy way via the dashboard. If you are not satisfied with one of the posts you are creating, then you can simply click on it and make the desired changes.

Carefully craft your posts and keep in mind:

  • Social networks display photos and videos differently. For example, Pinterest likes portrait ones while Twitter prefers landscape ones (a detailed article on this topic coming very soon)
  • You can preview your post while creating it and also after you have scheduled it
  • Your posts might look slightly different once published because of the extensive algorithms each social network uses, for example when to cut off a long text with a “Read More” button

Never miss a comma in your scheduling life again. Try it now for FREE.

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