Pinterest Image Sizes & Dimensions

Pinterest Image Sizes & Dimensions 2020

Tons of versions are currently rolling out regarding the recommended Pinterest image sizes and dimensions. Anyway, Pinterest itself changes them almost every year, after carefully studying the user experience and collecting feedback.

Imagine being on Pinterest and looking at square photos only. The interface is wide enough to display large pictures, and that’s why Pinterest loves long infographics (maybe with some extra video-stickers).

One thing’s for sure: infographics can’t be properly shared in other social networks such as Instagram. It will be automatically cropped and the information will distract you and other users, as it will be unfinished.

Pinterest has always recommended photos that have an aspect ratio of 2:3. Also, it prefers large and high-resolution images.

The optimal size of the photos is 1000px x 1500px.

Many people share square photos on Pinterest as well, but their performance is not quite preferred.

One photo

  • The width displayed is always 236 pixels
    • The minimum ratio is 2×1 and the minimum height is 120 pixels. If the image is wider, Pinterest will show the whole thing in a gray background

  • The maximum height displayed in Pinterest is 495 pixels:

Pinterest – Maximum height

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