New Trends and Tips to Plan a Strategic Holiday Season in 2021

It’s that time of the year again! The holiday season it is!

Are we showing the excitement at a normal level, or should we change the tone? Either way, it’s time to plan some amazing marketing ideas!

Every major social networking site has launched a list of ideas on how to properly celebrate the Q4 of 2021.

Download the full festive holiday guides from major social networks in a click. Become part of trends and earn an online reputation easily.

New Trends and Tips to Plan a Strategic Holiday Season in 2021 by

Here’s a quick list of all holidays we’re expecting to blow up:

  • Get to Know Your Customers Day (October 21)
  • Halloween (October 31)
  • Thanksgiving (November 25)
  • Black Friday (November 26)
  • Christmas Eve (December 24)
  • New Year’s Eve (December 31)

Each day contains a different story and of course, they’re all celebrated differently.

TIP: Stay relevant to your brand’s niche and always use the correct hashtags to reach a wider audience faster.

Something we know for sure: People will go back (safely) to traditional celebrations.

Pinterest Holiday Guide

You know Pinterest is the place to get inspired about everything. This is why the social network has a whole article about Halloween and how you can make the most out of it.

Here’s what David Murphy, co-chair of PIndigenous, the indigenous employee community at Pinterest, claims:

“As a platform for positivity, Pinterest always remembers that cultures aren’t costumes. So, for that reason, we encourage Pinners to continue to find culturally appropriate Halloween inspiration and bring awareness to the fact that costumes should never be opportunities to turn a person’s identity into a stereotyped image. If we all work together, we can find a fun, uplifting way to celebrate this day.”

Here’s what Pinterest has shared regarding Halloween 2021:

  • Top 2 searched cosumes are: fairy costume aesthetic (76x) and cottagecore witch outfit (11x)
  • Top 2 searched makeups: fairy makeup aesthetic (31x) and goblincore makeup (4x)

It seems as if people are turning retro vibes into a new trend. Their searches consist of vintage and 20’s parties.

Also, apple is the new pumpkin. People are searching for apple-based dishes more than pumpkin ones.

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Snapchat Holiday Guide

According to Snapchat, in the US, Snapchatters spend 1.6x more than the average shopper across all Q4 shopping moments, while in Canada, they spend 1.76x more.

Snapchat is all about performing, entertaining, teaching new stuff, etc.

Another stat that would highly interest you, as Snapchat claims: 41% of Snapchatters follow celebrities and/or influencers.

Are you thinking of starting a new collaboration for your small business?

Click below to download Snapchat’s how-to guide to help you win the season from start to finish:

Reddit Holiday Guide

Reddit, on the other hand, has also shared some guides to strategize the festive season.

This social network already holds thousands of niche communities where you can find solutions for everything:

Gifts – people communicate over gift ideas within the community to find a faster answer.

How to promote – asking digital marketers how your brand should target the correct audience.

Get the full Reddit Holiday guide here.

Here’s a list of top creative best practices from Reddit:

  1. Communicate a clear value proposition
  2. Use an authentic & conversational tone
  3. Play with humor & cultural references
  4. Demonstrate your knowledge of Reddit
  5. Experiment with longer headlines

TikTok Holiday Guide

Another major social network that has joined the scene with a full Guide is TikTok.

2021 Stats from TikTok:

  • 39% of TikTokers say they discovered a new product on TikTok they didn’t even know before
  • 77% say they have bought something they saw on TikTok
  • 47% say that TikTok can inspire their next gift idea
  • 35% say that they will buy their gifts before Cyber Monday (November 29)

Have you started promoting your content on TikTok yet?

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Facebook Holiday Guide

Have you noticed Facebook Marketplace’s Holiday Mode yet?

Matt Navarra, a social media expert, has shared a tweet about that (back in March) and here it is:

Get the full Facebook 2021 Holiday Guide here.

Check all real-time festive insights based on the country of interest, here.

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The holiday season is all about deeper connections, making wonderful memories and gifts, and preparing effective ads that would highly benefit everyone.

So, how’s your festive season looking?

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