Messenger Rooms on Instagram

Messenger Rooms are now available on Instagram, so you can chat with others online. They are easily created and up to 50 people can join, even if they don’t currently have an account on Instagram or Facebook.

Introducing Messenger Rooms

Recently, we’ve tried the Messenger Rooms to communicate with the team, as some of us are still working from home and we’ve got to admit, it’s pretty flexible and highly recommended. In order for someone to create a Messenger Room URL, they have to own an Instagram profile that is already connected to a Facebook account. The link is easily copied and sharable to everyone. You can choose between inviting your followers, or just sharing the link to other platforms.

Remember: You can’t create a Messenger Room on Instagram from your Desktop.

Here’s how you can proceed and create a Messenger Room:

  • First, you need to go to your DMs and click the camera icon

  • Click the option to ‘Create a Room’ on top
  • Select ‘Create Room as [Your_Account]
Create Messenger Room
  • You can either select who you want to join the online meeting from the followers’ list or just click Done and copy the link, so you can later share it on different platforms

You will receive a call in Messenger by whoever wants to join the room, even if you’re not currently in. 

As an owner of the room, you can decide whether you want other people to join or remove someone anytime. 

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