Live Webinar: Link in Bio by Publer

This is your sign to empower your Instagram!

It’s time to deep-dive into one of the most powerful tools by Publer: The Link in Bio.

Starting this week, we’ll be organizing weekly (and biweekly) webinars so everyone can make the most out of the enhancing tools of Publer.

Transform your Instagram into the main source of clicks and sales. We know you want that.

Get your online shop ready for the summer, improve CTR on your website, reach more people across multiple networks, and enjoy the results.

This digital marketing hack will make you reach the business goals fast!

Feel free to select among the 2 timeslots for the webinar:

10 AM CET – Hosted by Sindi Pepaj

5:30 PM CET – Hosted by Vanesa Bodinaku

Choose the desired time and see you on Wednesday, May 12!

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