Is Christmas coming early in 2020?

It hits differently when you hear any ‘Jingle Bells’ -related words in July, right?

Well, as unbelievable as it sounds, social networks think differently and there’s a reason behind that.

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Lately, people are searching a lot about Christmas shopping gifts and event ideas on Pinterest and other social networks. It seems like people miss gathering with friends and family. Well, we’re all on the same page somehow.

The first and second quarter of 2020 worked quite well for digital marketers. During this time, they have suggested multiple ad campaigns regarding the smooth remote working.

Human Resource departments shared remote working job vacancies for many people over social networks like LinkedIn, or other hiring-based platforms.

Another solution to help people worldwide stay connected at any time of the day were the online meeting platforms.

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Let’s prepare for what’s going to happen in the upcoming months.

The pandemic situation might continue and the lockdown might start again. That’s how people are getting triggered to make plans for the future.

People love buying online through eCommerce solutions that are widely developing. Think of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest Shops that offer transparent online catalogs where you can purchase in a click.

Facebook has just shared its Christmas shopping marketing campaign guide and insights. Christmas is the most amazing time of the year,. But we strongly think this one might be the most important. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information regarding the future of the pandemic.

Courtesy of Facebook

According to these insights that Facebook is providing, people search and purchase items mostly during holidays. There are quite a few factors that explain their people’s choices, like price, availability, shipping costs, etc.

The Facebook latest insights show the results for every nationality. Most of people love purchasing (mainly gifts for themselves) during holidays. It feels like Christmas already!


Xhesika Tufa

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