How to monetize IGTV videos

IGTV is a well-known Instagram feature, which allows up to 10 minutes of videos and they’re available to each and every user. As we already know, Instagram feed posts once allowed only 60 seconds videos, and people have repeatedly requested for longer-lengthed ones.

The digital environment of Instagram is friendly enough for each new feature and update to be welcomed and ‘over-used’. Once IGTV were live, people were posting more videos and never worry about trimming and fitting them to previous requirements.

The happiest to utilize IGTVs are mostly the brands’ accounts, which post promotions, feature/update descriptions, collaborations, etc.

The importance of long videos consists of giving more information and make a deeper impact on the customers. Also, accounts that use IGTVs provide a stronger and credible presence.

Finally, IGTVs have welcomed their monetization system!

For an IGTV to be successful and gain huge engagement, it should be created by popular Instagrammers. Likewise, YouTube already provided monetization videos since forever, but it has some pretty serious requirements. A YouTuber should have at least 4000 of watch time hours and 1000 subscribers in the last 365 days (12 months). Click here to learn more.

The first person to announce that Instagram was working on IGTV Ads was Jane Manchun Wong (of course), the tech blogger who always uncovers features that are still ‘under construction’. Here’s her Twitter post which better shows how she found out about this innovation.

So, when least expected, Instagram provided pop-up badges for all creators to give all fans the possibility to purchase different promotional items.

As Instagram explains, there’s a huge increase in views for all the Live videos. Everyone who not only participates but also purchases during a Live video will enable new features and be more visible, as some heart-shaped emojis appear next to their names.

IGTV ads only appear while someone is watching the video on their mobile and the ad length is up to 15 seconds.

So, wondering about what’s coming next? Creator will also be able to grow their audience by using shopping and branded features. But, that’s not live yet.

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