How Photographers Can Monetize Their Unique Skills Through Social Media?

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Photography is a hobby that millions across the world love and partake in. There are many different kinds of photography from landscape photography, to portrait photography and dozens of others. Taking pictures can be relaxing, and capturing that perfect shot is a great feeling.

Many people will post their photos to social media and show them off for all to see. And with tools like Instagram schedulers (check out this article to Instagram scheduler comparison), it can be easier than ever to get your photos up and posted in front of the masses.

But in addition to people doing it for fun, plenty of people want to make money from their photos. Thankfully, posting your photos on social media can actually help you make money in some cases. With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over how photographers can monetize their unique skills on social media.

How Photographers Can Monetize Their Unique Skills Through Social Media? by Miley Dowing

Sell Your Photos

The first and most obvious way to make money with photos on social media is by simply selling the photos directly. You can post them to your page, and then if people who see them want to buy or use them, you can sell them permission to use them. You can sell anything from a photo of a car to a photo of a dog, to a picture of a mountain range.

Of course, you want to ensure your photos are high-quality and unique, or no one will want to pay for them. If someone can take the picture themselves and use it for free, there is little chance they are going to pay you for it.

So who will be buying your photos? Well, that depends. Some may want them as art, others may want them to use in advertisements and some creators may even want them as stock images for articles, blog posts, or videos. If you own the photos, you can sell them any way you see fit.

How Photographers Can Monetize Their Unique Skills Through Social Media? by Miley Dowing
Pic: Pixabay

Use Social Media to Advertise Your Service

In addition to selling your photos directly, you can also use social media as a way to advertise your service. This could be anything from a wedding photography service, an event photography service, real estate photography, and many others.

Your page will serve as a portfolio of sorts, where you show some of your better photos and explain your process. The pictures should show off your skills in different areas, and show people what they can expect if they work with you. Be sure to use the right hashtags on your photos, to help those searching for something specific be able to find you.

How Photographers Can Monetize Their Unique Skills Through Social Media? by Miley Dowing
Pic: Pixabay

Work With Influencers

Another way to make money with photos is to work with an influencer. Influencers constantly need to fill their page with new photos that show off themselves and the products or services they are advertising. Some may take these photos themselves, but plenty of others may prefer to work with a photographer.

You will be the one to take photos of them, and often ensure they are edited correctly. Not only will you be paid for your time taking photos, but many influencers may also tag you in their photos, which can help you grow and/or start your unique brand. So if you notice some influencers that are in an area around yours, you could always reach out and ask if they would like any help with their content. Be sure to provide them with links and examples of your work, too.

How Photographers Can Monetize Their Unique Skills Through Social Media? by Miley Dowing
Pic: Pixabay

While some photographers will work with other influencers directly, some may decide to become one themselves. Plenty of photographers have generated incredibly large followings online and can start making money as a result. There are a few different ways you can make money yourself on Instagram as an influencer.

First of all, you can feature or mention products/services in your content. Companies who want to reach your audience can use you as a way to get right in front of them. Sponsored posts can be made for everything from food, to clothing, to tools, to exercise equipment and many others.

Another option is that you can include affiliate links in your content. Every time these are clicked, or a purchase is made through them, you will receive a little kickback.

The amount you make from these tactics simply comes down to how large your following is and the level of influence you have over them. If you have a large enough following, or even a smaller one that is incredibly supportive, this can be a great way to make some extra money on social media.

In conclusion, we hope this blog post was able to help you understand how photographers can use social media to make money. It isn’t always easy, but with enough skill and knowledge in the world of social media, it can certainly be done.

How Photographers Can Monetize Their Unique Skills Through Social Media? by Miley Dowing

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