How does Twitter boost content display?

There are multiple social accounts that are preferred for brand awareness. A very important one is also Twitter. 

Millions of users tweet every day and aim to make an impression while boosting their visibility. We all know how important the daily updates are for a brand, but what we don’t know is how Twitter tends to display our content online. 

According to Twitter tailored suggestions, everyone has a personalized feed as soon as they log in to their account. There are many factors that affect the data shown, but the most important thing to know is that you can control your feed and it is always benefiting you. 

The Twitter feed changes every day and it is always a mix of new posts of pages you follow and what is currently trending. Most of the Top social networks work this way because your feed would be very boring if you logged in and saw only new updates and maybe some information you aren’t really interested in. 

Twitter aims to show mostly the news you have recently searched for, what’s being most retweeted and useful, rich photos, and videos.

You can always customize your feed by clicking the blue icon next to Home and set your preferred content display:

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