Facebook Now allows You to Schedule Stories

We all know Facebook’s post management tool named Creator Studio on its Business Suite. Its powerful features allow every user to ease their scheduling experience and help save a lot of time.

Besides feed posts and IGTVs, now Facebook is about to launch a new super-power: Story scheduling. This is an outstanding update from Facebook, as many people have required this feature.

Just like Publer, Facebook knows the importance of preparing everything in advance, and therefore, it’s expanding and advancing the tools even more.

There are tons of other tools that allow users to schedule posts and stories, but not everyone provides stickers and other useful features. This is where Facebook is making a difference.

This new feature will be available on all devices (iOS, Android and Desktop) to ease the whole process wherever you are using Facebool.

Posting and scheduling Facebook and Instagram Stories are easier than ever. The Business Suite itself is intuitive and helps manage posts smoothly.

Here’s a list of advantages you’ll be getting with this new feature:

  • Build an experience with your audience. Allow them to get to know you better and trust you. Sharing Stories helps the audience understand that you want them to learn more about you.
  • Save time for other marketing benefits. By scheduling Stories ahead of time, you’ll be able to take care of comments and reactions. It’s important to stay aware of the engagement. Feel free to check Publer’s latest update: manage all your scheduled posts and interact with comments in real-time.
  • Increase productivity.

According to Facebook, Draft Posts are also on the way. Now, this is also an interesting thing to wait for!

Here’s where Publer might come in handy. Except for creating, editing, and scheduling posts, you can also create Drafts and use them whenever you need them.

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