Draft or Schedule Tweets Within App

There are multiple social media post-schedulers currently providing creation, scheduling, and saving options per all the top platforms. Being so, the new upcoming features of Twitter might be well-received, but not very used.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Twitter has built new features that will help users schedule their tweets or draft their unfinished posts, but that is going to happen within the app. On 26th of August 2019, Jane Manchun Wong, a technology blogger who always uncovers new social network features, has posted on her Twitter account a post regarding scheduled tweets.

This feature might come in handy for many users as they create a tweet and choose to save or schedule it on the same dashboard. People love effective solutions when it comes to using the time properly and reach the desired audience.

Here’s how you can save a draft or schedule tweets

  1. Start creating a new tweet and select the calendar icon:

2. Then, select a date and a time for when you want your post to be scheduled and hit Confirm. If you want to view all your scheduled tweets, click Scheduled Tweets:

Yet, people who are currently using Twitter accounts for their brand’s exposure are currently using other post-schedulers like Publer. People might use these new Twitter functions if:

  • They are currently managing a lot of Twitter accounts at the same time
  • They can’t afford other post-schedulers
  • They are very busy and just want to save unfinished works

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