Design Professional Photos & Videos with Canva and Crello

Design Professional Photos & Videos with Canva and Crello

Publer is now officially supporting more designing tools!

We’re so happy to announce a few surprises that will transform your digital marketing skills.

As you already know, you can save all of your Canva illustrations to your Media Library on Publer with a click. Now, besides that, you can also design through the integrated Canva button within Publer. You’ve been waiting for this, right?

And here’s when it gets even better: Publer has a new exclusive partnership with VistaCreate, too. Every user will be offered a free Pro Plan on VistaCreate to design photo and video illustrations to enhance their online marketing efforts. Exactly as you read it – you don’t need to pay for a paid plan on VistaCreate (Crello).

Design Professional Photos & Videos with Canva and Crello

You can now design a successful brand using the color brand kits, and the right text fonts.

Whether you want to keep an elegant aesthetic or a modern combination, that’s all up to you.

None of these designing tools require professional skills nor great expertise in graphic design. You can design new visual content from scratch or simply choose among the huge range of templates, elements, styles, etc.


– Now you can design and create videos, besides image illustrations! Also, you can add some music to your videos to make them more interesting and attractive.

– You can prepare a brand new link/YouTube video thumbnail without having to leave Publer (Remember: Thumbnails have to be an image format. If you choose a video instead (on VistaCreate), the new design won’t be saved. Tip: Select the PNG image type, as it has a higher quality.)

– You can filter all your illustrations by Canva and VistaCreate (Crello) in the Media Library, so you can stay organized.

Design Professional Photos & Videos with Canva and Crello using Publer
Filter by Canva or Crello on the Media Library

Publer will automatically filter the design type (regardless of the tool you select), based on the social account that you’ve selected on Publer. For example: If you’ve selected Facebook and then click on VistaCreate (Crello), the design type will be selected by default: all Facebook image & video sizes.

Check the Gif below:

Design Professional Photos & Videos with Canva and Crello using Publer

Let’s get technical!

Designing with VistaCreate (Crello) – Everything you need to know

We’re so excited to present the new VistaCreate (Crello) integration on Publer.

As some of you might already know, VistaCreate (Crello) is a powerful digital marketing tool that helps thousands of people around the world to design professional visual content.

We’ve already set up everything up for you to start using VistaCreate and prepare some impressive social media posts.

You will be provided with a Free VistaCreate account, including all Pro features!

So, as soon as you click on VistaCreate and want to start designing, Publer will automatically prepare a default account for you. And that’s it.

Design Professional Photos & Videos with Canva and Crello using Publer
Designing with Crello within Publer

All you need to do is select the design type: Square Graphic Post, Square Video Post, etc.

You can choose among all the options that VistaCreate offers: Templates (which you can modify with your own text, brand colors, and effects); Photos (Get watermark-free HD images); Videos (Prepare impressive marketing videos to enhance your online presence); Animations & Objects (Moving and static elements that represent the purpose of an illustration better); Text (To add titles or other descriptions); etc.

If you are already a VistaCreate user, you can easily link your account, by clicking VistaCreate on the editor. After that, you’ll be using whatever your plan allows.

Designing with Canva – A new update that’s finally here

We’ve already introduced the amazing Canva integration to Publer where every user can automatically save their photo illustrations to the media library, from their Canva account.

Canva already provides the option to choose the exact workspace you want to save a design to. And this is a great way to save time and local storage because Publer doesn’t have a file storage limit!

So, basically, you can open Canva in a new tab to save the new designs to Publer. But besides that, you can now design using the builtin Canva button! Yes, it’s finally here!

When you select Canva on the editor, you need to sign in to your Canva account and then start using it within Publer. No new tabs anymore.

Design Professional Photos & Videos with Canva and Crello using Publer
Designing via the Canva button within Publer

You can design VistaCreate photo illustrations starting at Argentum Plan and videos at Aurum Plan. But, you can try them both up to 10 times for Free.

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