Create and Schedule Organic Facebook Carousel Posts

Create and schedule Facebook Carousel Posts with Publer

Cracking a social network algorithm is tricky, but not tricky enough to not understand the power of carousel posts! Do you want your brand to stand out?

Publer is now officially supporting Facebook carousel posts, which you can literally be able to use only if you’re creating an ad. That’s true and we’re proud to make it possible for our users, within the platform, for free.

Carousel posts are a series of images that allow everyone to showcase products, services, or tips in a swipeable mode. Each image contains a title, description, and link.

Carousels help tell a story; they are understandable and encourage engagement.

Almost every marketer has created a Facebook carousel ad post at least once in their career.

According to, carousel ad posts perform 10x better than static/single-photo posts. That’s because this way, people have more options to choose from, therefore driving traffic is easier.

We did our research and found out that it was actually possible to provide such a feature, without the need to spend extra – so, it’s official: Publer now supports native Facebook carousel posts.

So, it’s time to get creative.

Learn how to create Facebook carousel posts on Publer.

What should you know about organic Facebook carousel post scheduling on Publer:

  • You can create a carousel post that contains up to 5 photos. Photos can be default link thumbnails or you can create new professional ones with Canva or VistaCreate (Crello) within the platform.
  • Each photo must contain a link (either the same for all photos, or different ones – that’s up to you).
  • You can preview how the carousel post looks in real-time. If you don’t like the photo consistency or you’ve made a typo, worry less! You can edit everything.
  • You can track link clicks through the analytics dashboard.

  • Keep everyone curious by telling your brand’s success story.
  • Showcase your top on-sale products or latest blog articles.
  • Share mindful tips that help everyone in your niche.
  • Repurpose and bring old long-form content back to life (webinars, blog posts, events).
  • Share before and after (your office, brand logos, recipes).
  • Share relevant customer feedback (aka UGC).

Please be aware that this feature is a native/organic way to attract customers. Meaning that you aren’t preparing a Facebook ad, but a post. Enjoy!

Learn how to create Facebook carousel posts on Publer.

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