B2C marketing on LinkedIn: Does it exist?

Written by: Adelina Karpenkova

Instagram is for B2C, LinkedIn is for B2B – this ‘rule’ is broadcast from every marketing guide. If you’re reading this post, you’re ready to challenge this idea.

LinkedIn has been a favorite platform of B2B marketers for a long time, and now B2C companies are starting to explore the hidden gems of the channel.

With more and more people growing their presence on the platform and eagerly interacting with the community, the LinkedIn network is getting more authentic.

B2C marketing on LinkedIn: Does it exist? by Adelina Karpenkova

It’s no more limited to professional interactions. Professionals have found a sweet spot of alternating business lessons and personal experiences in their content. You can find tons of posts from CEOs sharing their small everyday life achievements or insights they got while working out.

It’s no more weird to share experiences from vacations and tell about your kids. Finally, it’s fine to get personal on LinkedIn.

So, does it all mean B2C brands have a chance to blend in and market themselves successfully on LinkedIn? Let’s see.

Who said LinkedIn is effective only for B2B companies?

33% of B2B marketers stated LinkedIn was the most important social media platform for business promotion. It’s no surprise that only 4% of B2C agreed on this.

These numbers mean that you’ve just found the channel where the competition among B2C companies isn’t as insane as on Facebook or Instagram. 

Promoting your brand on LinkedIn brings in numerous advantages, and here are just a few of them.

The benefits of using LinkedIn for B2C marketing

  • Low competition. You’re likely to be the first among your closest competitors to build a promotional strategy on LinkedIn. 
  • Brand awareness. By diversifying your marketing mix with LinkedIn, you’ll get access to new audiences and boost brand recognition.
  • Credibility. You can only succeed on LinkedIn if you deliver value to your network. And with value comes trust, which helps to shorten the sales cycle and convert more people with less effort.
  • High-ticket clients. 45% of active users of the platform are in upper management. LinkedIn is the right platform to attract high-paying customers.
  • Cost-effective lead generation. Have you been looking for ways to boost your lead generation strategy? LinkedIn is one of the best channels for connecting with potential customers and building an email list.

LinkedIn demographics

LinkedIn is a network for professionals in every industry. There are no limits. 

Most importantly, professionals’ lives aren’t centered around work – these people also have personal lives and interests. 

To figure out whether you can reach the right audience on the platform, look at the demographics of LinkedIn users:

B2C brands on LinkedIn

Aren’t convinced enough to add LinkedIn to your B2C marketing mix? Then look at some inspiring examples of B2C brands doing it right.

Fitbit, a fitness app

Wellness products and services have become increasingly popular among professionals. The importance of prioritizing your physical and mental health is being stressed by almost every thought leader on LinkedIn. That’s why wellness marketing campaigns, like the one by Fitbit, drive great engagement among LinkedIn audiences.

B2C marketing on LinkedIn: Does it exist? by Adelina Karpenkova

Blinkist, a book-summarizing service

People working 9-5 (or more) are incredibly picky with what they read… unless they can access key insights from bestselling books in as much as 15 minutes. 

Blinkist is popular among LinkedIn users as it helps professionals to spend their spare time more effectively. If your product or service is centered around the same mission, you’ll find your audience on LinkedIn.

B2C marketing on LinkedIn: Does it exist? by Adelina Karpenkova

Everytable, a meal subscription service

Is LinkedIn great only for driving mobile app installs? Definitely not. The next example is a meal delivery service with a mission of providing access to nutritious meals to everyone.

Everytable has managed to build a loyal audience on LinkedIn by publishing podcasts, webinars, and articles where they speak of the company’s values and share insights into how they’re building the brand.

B2C marketing on LinkedIn: Does it exist? by Adelina Karpenkova

How you can connect with consumers on LinkedIn

If you decide to give LinkedIn a try, get ready for a fascinating journey where you’ll get to know your audiences and see your brand from a different perspective.

Come up with a message

What’s one key benefit of your product or service for professionals? You’ll need to be conveying this message in all your posts. 

Below, we’re sharing a few things LinkedIn users might find the most appealing:

  • Everything that helps them stay mentally and physically healthy;
  • Everything that enables them to keep work-life balance;
  • Everything that saves their time;
  • Everything that serves a larger mission, like encouraging inclusion, supporting people in need, etc;
  • Everything that helps them better family time.

Grow your network

On LinkedIn, users are more eager to connect with other professionals and their brands than on Instagram. You can build a large network by simply inviting relevant people to connect with your personal profile and/or follow your company page.

Without this step, all your content will remain invisible – LinkedIn won’t have any user base to show your posts to. 

Now, we feel like we need to briefly explain how the LinkedIn algorithm works:

  • When you publish a post, your content is added to feeds of 1st-degree connections of your own. 
  • When your 1st-degree connections interact with your post, it’s shown to their connections as well.
  • It’s also considered that the more engagements your post receives in the first minutes, the higher traction will be.

While connections are important, don’t add people just for the sake of growing your network. Have a look at your buyer personas and search for profiles that match your criteria.

Fortunately, you can filter out LinkedIn profiles by locations, job titles, companies, and even service categories.

Build a personal brand

While creating and maintaining a company page is optional (shocking, isn’t it?), building a personal brand for at least one company representative, be it a founder, CMO, or an account manager, is a must.

How often do you interact with brands on social media? Way rarer than you do with other people, right? Same works for your customers.

It’s easier to build credibility for a personal brand than a corporate machine. But to do so, you’ll need to prioritize valuable content over promotional materials. 

You won’t build a strong brand on LinkedIn by simply sharing your company updates from your personal profile. Pick a niche you have experience in and start sharing actionable tips and insights consistently. Include your product when it fits the topic.


LinkedIn is a great platform for establishing collaborations. Here you can find podcast hosts, apply to co-host webinars, connect with editors of top news outlets, and more.

Every collaboration is a big step towards growing your reach and eventually increasing sales conversion rates. To find collaboration opportunities, search for experts and thought leaders in your niche – do they participate in any events? Yes? Go apply. No? Reach out with your ideas.

Avoid hard sell

A hard sell isn’t as effective as genuine content that entertains or educates. 

Short videos, interviews, free templates, seasonal content – these are only a few content formats that work well on LinkedIn. By telling stories that are different from what people got used to seeing from brands like yours, you’ll stand out and win your customers’ hearts.

Verdict: B2C marketing on LinkedIn exists

LinkedIn as a marketing channel has a huge potential for B2C brands. 

Use your presence on the platform to appeal to your prospects’ interests outside of work, and you’ll be surprised by how beneficial this untapped channel can be.

B2C marketing on LinkedIn: Does it exist? by Adelina Karpenkova

Adelina is a Content Marketer at Joinative, a native advertising agency, and SaaS. She’s responsible for building marketing partnerships, establishing content collaborations, and developing actionable resources for advertisers.

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